First time visiting studio

If you’re a beginner, you’re welcome to any of the Level 1-2/All Level classes on the Power Yoga schedule. They can get hot and sweaty (mostly from student-generated heat). Don’t worry, the emphasis is to go at your own pace, according to how YOU feel. This is the real yoga, starting to learn how to listen to yourself, so you know how to work with your body and feelings.

There’s parking across the street and at nearby structures that is free during the day, and carries a small fee at night. In addition, there is some metered parking in the area, so bring quarters. If you need a mat, there are used mats for rent for $2 per class. However, it is strongly recommended that you invest in your own mat (selection available at the adjacent store) as it is much more sanitary. These are available at the SMPY store at the studio.

Wear comfortable clothing. Students often find it helpful to wear a top that stays close to the body, so it does not cover your face when your torso is inverted, like in a forward bend. Please turn your cell phone off and remove your shoes in the meditation room/lounge and yoga room, and most definitely during yoga class!

The classes are taught on donation-basis, donation meaning “the act of giving.” At the end of class, there is a box provided for your donation, which is suggested at $16 per class.

Check list of what to bring and what to keep in mind:

  • Yoga mat(new mats available in the store, or rent a mat for $2)
  • Towel
  • Quarters for parking
  • Water bottle, if you need it
  • Turn off cell phone and remove shoes


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